Polar X-15 Single Washer

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  • Single tub washer.
  • Crusader Twin Tub Washing Machine

    ·         Portable & Lightweight

    ·         Perfect for Caravan & Camping Holidays

    ·         Space saving Design

    ·         3.5KG Wash Capacity

    ·         2.54 Spin Capacity


    The Polar Crusader Twin Tub washing machine with 230W wash power and 116W spin. The washing machine has been specifically designed for the portable market and has great capacity for a compact machine. It has a high washing capacity of 3.5KG and takes just 15 minutes. The washing machine is easily sufficient for a one-person household or family use on a Camping or Caravan adventure. Its spin cycle allows for shorter drying times of just 5 mins and 2.5KG capacity which is a great advantage for campers who want an quick and efficient system so they spend more time enjoying their holiday. The compact size makes the washing machine perfect for use in homes with limited space and combined with a weight of only 11.2KG makes it ideal for use as a camping or travel washing machine. Key Features : Twin tub portable washing machine with separate spin chamber 230W wash cycle 116W spin cycle Lightweight machine at only 10.2kg Portable with robust carry handle Washing capacity: 3.5KG. Spinning capacity 2.5KG Low water, energy and time consumption Wash timer (0 to 15 minutes) Spin timer (0 to 5 minutes) Fixed drainage pipe Transparent lid Cable winder Mains power supply: 220v Dimensions: 57 x 58 x 35cm (W x H x D) Mains cable length: 1.5m Filling hose length: 1m Drain pipe length: 30cm Weight: 10.2kg


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